We must provide the CHANNELS for Revival. When God comes down, things will happen. Scripture makes it plain that blessings follow when certain conditions are fulfilled in the hearts and lives of me. //, The History of Revivals of Religion, Especially in the British Isles, Narratives of Revivals of Religion in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. by Keith Malcomson. They shook nations and changed history.They touched lives and built great churches.Though they lived long ago -- centuries ago in the case of some - their influence for Christ is still felt among us. To pray for our children, our schools, our homes, our government leaders, our cities, our churches, for the world. Revival preachers demonstrate their commitment to the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures, with bold, urgent, and uncompromising preaching, as they set before God’s people the way of life and death. Can You Lose Your Salvation and Experience God's Severity? 2015 Sermons. Amen. It's our pleasure to make our Pentecostal sermons and sermon outlines freely available to you — there are no fees and no registration. addy78544 = addy78544 + 'revival-library' + '.' + 'org'; © 2004-2020, James H. Feeney.Copyright statement. Please click on 'Revival Sermons' to the right for the new page. You might also find them useful for adult Sunday School lessons or Bible studies. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; A. Founded by Pastor Leonard Eastman, Located in Kane PA 16735. DivineRevelations.info Help your congregation see the need to return to the Lord with repentance and humility, and watch as God restores His people and glorifies His name. Audience is free to respond to a Holy Spirit inspired Word from God. A reform in reporting revivals is needed. document.getElementById('cloak48151').innerHTML = ''; The Life and Diary of the Rev. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We need true, spiritual revival all over our nation. //--> You need JavaScript enabled to view it. var addy78544 = 'librarian' + '@'; Pentecostal Messages, Pentecostal Preaching, Pentecostal Pioneers, 2000 Years of Pentecostal Preaching This is an expired page. Water Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Baptism with the Spirit Is for You Today, The Triune Name of God = "Lord Jesus Christ", Grow Your Faith Dramatically | Here's the Key, 3 Keys to Mountain-Moving Faith - Hear, Believe, Speak. Revival historian, Edwin Orr, noted that the Revival of 1859 made a greater impact on Ireland than any event since Patrick brought Christianity there. document.getElementById('cloak49262').innerHTML += ''+addy_text49262+'<\/a>'; addy49262 = addy49262 + 'kingschurch' + '.' + 'org'; Our hope is that you will receive a Word from the Lord that will speak to you. You can email us at the This email address is being protected from spambots. Please support your local oneness church. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //-->, Graphics: This email address is being protected from spambots. The early Christians were happy and zealous - Acts 2:46, 47. The Presence That Produces Revival: God Himself . The Baptism with the Holy Spirit Is for You Today. We wil include many from the annals of revival history but hope to include modern messages that are more contemporary and relevant to our era in the westrern world today. Prophetic Ministry/Teaching World wide. www.pastorshelper.com May they be a blessing to you in your personal study of and application of God's word. Preach a sermon or series on revival with help from these sermon outlines. You are welcome to modify them in your sermon preparation for your own preaching ministry. Revival. Pentecostal revivals are characterized by the manifestations and fruits of the Holy Ghost. document.getElementById('cloak4631').innerHTML += '' +addy4631+'<\/a>'; A revival that a Scriptural sermon oh sanctification will spoil is not from the skies. A SPIRITUAL REVIVAL - A NEW YEAR’S SERMON Habakkuk 3:2, 17-19 INTRODUCTION: 1. //-->, Female Teaching - Catherine Booth The Ministration of the Spirit and Prayer - Andrew Murray Revival and Recovery - Arthur Wallis What's Wrong With the Gospel? Website Design: This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy_text48151 = 'Tony Cauchi'; Pentecostal Revival: Our Only Hope. var addy48151 = 'librarian' + '@'; Resist the Devil's Three Attacks: Physical, Intellectual, Moral, Satan or God - One of Them Is Your Father, Transgender? A Ministry That Is Actually Reaching the World for Jesus, To Hear from God? An great video about past Christian Revivals and the current state of the Christian Church. Thank you . Mountains will melt. We want our sermons to be a helpful additional resource to you, to supplement your own personal study of God's holy Word. This Sermon Library series is a collection of some of the greatest messages that Dr. Hughes preached throughout his dynamic and successful ministry. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. var addy_text78544 = 'Tony Cauchi'; I hear there’s an OLD TIME PENTECOSTAL TENT REVIVAL going on in Warner Robins, GA through the whole month of October… WARNER ROBINS —… sermon September 13, 2016 SERMON – How to Define Revival and be Revived Personally February 15, 2007 Adrian Warnock Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! The below messages are just a taste of Pentecostal messages by vessels that have spanned 100 years . Dr. Jim Feeney preached most of these sermons in Spirit-filled churches that he planted and pastored in New York and Oregon, as well as at Abbott Loop Christian Center in Anchorage, Alaska, during his nearly 50 years of Pentecostal ministry. Our nearly 500 free sermons, sermon outlines, and Bible studies cover some of the major biblical topics in Pentecostal preaching, doctrine, and theology — popular themes such as Holy Spirit power, spiritual gifts, divine healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. ).Thank you for sharing God's Word! You can have revival in your family. Electronic Copyright © 2009-2015 Tony Cauchi, unless otherwise stated. - Keith Green. On Pentecost Sunday, 2010, the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA) launched their "Decade of Pentecost" emphasis from 2010 through 2020 During the ten years from 2010-2020, AAGA is believing God for 10 million new believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and mobilized as Spirit-empowered witnesses, church planters, and cross-cultural missionaries. addy4631 = addy4631 + 'revival-library' + '.' + 'org'; Post a brief testimony about Grace Notes at SermonCentral; Tell a Friend to Visit. Contrast this to 1949 when there were no more than 120,000 Protestants in Henan. document.getElementById('cloak48151').innerHTML += ''+addy_text48151+'<\/a>'; Speaking in Tongues — Is it of God? You can have revival whenever and wherever—you can be a one-person revival. addy48151 = addy48151 + 'revival-library' + '.' + 'org'; //