The Ares-class Battleship was a large warship classification within The Royal Allegiance Navy during the Swarm War. Changes needed to be made to save the Federation. The Artemis class Battlestar is the most commonly deployed command ship by Colonial Fleet. The Class are listing in orders of how the Colonial built them. Known to the Romans as Mars, he was one of the Olympians – the gods of the highest order of Olympus. After this its new human commander, the then Colonel Ryan, ordered the ship to return to the Colonies were it was reunited with the Battlestar Prometheus and other survivors of the Cylon holocaust. For example, the FTL system is less advanced then modern ships as the flight pods still need to retract. However, the number of Raiders could be as high as 35 (at-least when launched), as indicated in episode 3-6, when R3X is in command of "Colonial Cylon Raider 35". Since the war it has performed much the same function. Eventually it was discovered that the explosion was due to a bomb planted by a Sagitarron terrorist. The Ares was a Mercury class battlestar that had been taken out of service due to an explosion in the engine room. The government wanted to return control of the Fleet to human hands. They do however have the facilities needed to repair and maintain their fighter complement and other small craft. After checking with Ares Games, they write: "Moulds were already made for the Classic Series fighters (three variants of Viper MK.I and two of Classic Cylon Raider) and prototypal models were reay for Battlestar class starships including the very Battlestar Galactica and for the Cylon StarBase Cylone, together with new … During the first twenty-four months of the four years war, Starfleet was experiencing near-constant defeat at the hands of the Imperial Klingon Navy's D-6 battlecruiser. The Ares was just coming to the end of a year long patrol when the Cylons aboard learned of the impe… A highly advanced battlestar, the Saturn class is the pinnacle of technology for the Colonials, it features such advances as energy shields and particle weaponry. Despite the increase in capabilities, the Colonials see… Ares class Battlestars were designed to be used as fleet command and control ships while also serving as a one stop assault vehicle, capable of taking on one or two other capital class ships, or assaulting a major ground target, by itself. This number is presumably decreased significantly after the war thanks to upgrades… Realising that the war would be devastating, and that neither side was likely to win, and after consulting with the ship's commander, they decided to collect the families of the crew and leave Colonial space. Star Trek Vi Star Wars Star Trek Ships Starfleet Ships Alien Ship Ship Of The Line Star Trek Starships Battlestar Galactica Boat Plans. They are controlled mainly manually yet do have a networked computer system. This PDF file of Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles – Faster Than Light expansion includes the additional rules and all game components neeeded to play with them – new markers, counters, rulers, and a useful navigation panel to assemble for jumping through the stars with the new advanced FTL rule. Production of the Jupiter class is limited by the Articles of Colonization, with only one to be built for each of the Twelve Colonies. Battlestar Galactica (TV Series 2004–2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The original Battlestar, Ares, is the oldest ship in the Colonial remnant fleet. The Ares Class Battlestar fills the role left behind by the retirement of the Minotaur Gunships and Berserk Assault Carriers from the First Cylon War as a ship killer. The Ares is feature equipment unseen amongst the other Colonial ships in the form of extensive facilities for supporting the Cylon crew. The original Battlestar Ares is the oldest ship in the colonial remnant fleet. The crew complement of the Valkyrie class is unknown; based on the Galactica class's original required crew of 5000 people, it is presumed that the Valkyrie class, being somewhat smaller, required up to 2-3000 people, at least in its original configuration. This article reflects the type seen in the … At least 2 ships of this class were built; both of which are thought to have been lost to their Cylon crew when the Cylon war broke. Bio: He was the CO of the Battlestar Ares for seven years before the attack on the colonies. For information on the Cylon masquerading as Ares in the Maximum Press comics, see: Ares.. Ares (also known as Mars) is mentioned as a Lord of Kobol as one of two gods given to service in a dedication ceremony conducted by Sister Tivenan for Nicholas Tyrol (The Resistance, Episode 10) . Unlike newer ships, the Ares class is completely depended on external support in regards to fighter replacement. Jul 17, 2019 - Still working on this one. This class had advanced computer systems onboard and had a relatively small crew of humans and Cylons, with around 2130 humans and 310 Cylons. Now at some point in its life this battle star would have had a MK2 … The Mercury-class is a class of Battlestar used by the Colonial Fleet. In many ways, the Sobek embodies what it means to be a Gunstar. 21. The Peremptory was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that served in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. The ship features potentiarly the most advanced networked computers of any Colonial ship, rivaling even those of the Nova class. Developed as part of Project Thermopylae, an effort to develop and deploy new Battlestars for the Colonial Fleet in the years before the outbreak of the Second Cylon War, the Athena Class Battlestar was developed alongside its sister class, the Ares Class Battlestar.